Overview of Hamper Group

Shijiazhuang Hamper Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in Shijiazhuang City, located in the hinterland of North China Plain, north of Beijing and Tianjin, east of the Bohai Sea, west of Taihang Mountain, is the South Gate of the capital. Founded in 1986, with more than 300 employees, the company is one of the early enterprises engaged in the production of pasta machinery in China. Under the leadership of Min Xiaoxia, the old chairman of the board, Hamper has gathered a group of high-quality management personnel, trained a good faith, dedicated sales team, trained a large number of dedicated technical workers, and made Hamper an influential brand enterprise in the food machinery industry.

Shijiazhuang Hamper Food Machinery Co., Ltd. is willing to bring insightful people together to revitalize traditional Chinese culture!


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